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Romeo Sommers

My experiences with Surfinia® are only positive. Surfinia® flowers beautifully and long in hanging pots and hanging baskets, hanging beautifully over the edge of the pot.

Once a week I take a rest moment and remove the faded flowers, so I have time for myself. What I find so special about Surfinia® is that the plant also does well in full sun, so you can use it on your patio in flower boxes.

I think Surfinia® could be given a more modern look. My favorite petunias are the veined varieties, but also beautiful trios in a pot with beautiful tone-in-tone tones. A popular trend is a vertically planted pallet in beautiful neutral colors combined with evergreen plants, or in a high-gloss black pot with white or lilac Surfinia’s. In this way Surfinia® gets a more modern look for a younger audience.

Romeo Sommers

Trendwatcher & Green Stylist

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