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Leo Hoogendoorn

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Surfinias have really changed the world of the pot and bedding plants. Surfinia® has made the breakthrough of everything that subsequently came onto the market in cuttings propagated products and today has a large share in our range.

In the early years, this product was laughed about and it was far too expensive for the market. That was the classification until consumers saw the added value of this product for themselves and started asking about this product every year at garden centers in Europe. The production costs were relatively high, but have come down due to the relocation to Israel and have become suitable for the spring package.

The strength of the plant and its flowers during our summer period is great and distinctive from many other varieties. Surfinia® still wins on garden performance compared to many competing varieties. The Surfinia® brand has also been elevated to a generic product name because it was the first on the market, so that today almost all trailing petunias are characterized as Surfinia’s.

In short, Surfinia’s have really changed our world and therefore the business and we are waiting for the next Surfinia®.

Leo Hoogendoorn

CEO – Florensis
“Breeder and Supplier of Young Plants”