Stories about Surfinia®

Grower talk

Surfinia® impacted the lives of so many and not only consumers fell in love with the bright and bubbly flowers. Many industry colleagues have worked with Surfinia® and dedicated their time to multiply, grow or style Surfinia®. We have asked some of them to tell us about their experience with this iconic plant.

Roland Smith

It’s rare in our industry that a product is so ground breaking that the public knows it by its brand

David Spray

We live in an age where the market is overwhelmed with options for bedding and baskets plants. Where selecting the

Garry Grüber

As I was browsing through a German plant magazine, I noticed a brief article stating that the German authorities had

Peter Seabrook

The arrival of cuttings raised Surfinia’s 30 years ago was greeted with some scepticism by traditional growers, but the public

Michael Perry

For me, Surfinia® defines a whole generation of patio and basket plants. It really set the blueprint for how a

Romeo Sommers

My experiences with Surfinia® are only positive. Surfinia® flowers beautifully and long in hanging pots and hanging baskets, hanging beautifully

Ivo Putman

After Ice Saints, when all danger of frost has passed, the time has come! It's time for summer bedding! Summer

Oase Lease

Surfinia® fits well in public space. Dressing up a public space with flowers seems like a difficult undertaking. How do

Nomi Hen

For Cohen Propagation Nurseries, Surfinia® is a very special product that is also related to the history and future of

Leo Hoogendoorn

Surfinias have really changed the world of the pot and bedding plants. Surfinia® has made the breakthrough of everything that

Elly van Kampen

Surfinia® is a garden plant that you can enjoy throughout the garden season. You can plant them after the Ice

MNP / Suntory, “Pioneers and trendsetters in breeding, selecting, marketing and licensing of innovative and superior quality (bedding) plants.”

MNP / Suntory (the Netherlands) introduces new plants and varieties from the Japanese breeder Suntory Flowers Ltd., among others, onto the European ornamental horticultural market. MNP / Suntory has several selection specialists, who all have in-depth knowledge of the European horticultural market. Together they select plants and varieties that suit this market perfectly. They are tested extensively at several testing locations. Next to that MNP / Suntory carries out market research for every variety, which is very important for "positioning" the product. They think about "product naming" and branding (logo, labels, pots, leaflets, website, etc.). Growers pay a license fee for Suntory® genetics. MNP / Suntory recoups this license fee to its business partners by creating marketing concepts, arranging free publicity and PR, safeguarding plant quality, etc.