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Where can I buy Surfinia®?

Ask for Surfinia® at your local retailer. Click here for more information about the availability of Surfinia®.

How do I know that I am buying a real Surfinia®?

Do a label check! Check the label for the official Surfinia® logo.

What is the best time to buy Surfinia®?

Get your Surfinia® from April to June. As soon as the frost is gone she is ready to be potted or planted.

How long does Surfinia® flower?

Surfinia® is known for her exceptionally long flowering, she will flower until

How often should I water my Surfinia®?

Put your finger in the soil of your Surfinia® to feel if it is still moist. If it is, she’ll be fine. Is it all dry? Give her a splash of water! It is recommended to water your Surfinia® every (other) day.

Where should I put my Surfinia®?

Surfinia’s are true sun worshipers. Hang, pot or plant her in a sunny spot. Surfnia’s love dancing and are at their best when hanging.

My Surfinia® is getting too big, what should I do?

When your Surfinia® is getting too big it is either time to shop for a new pot or to trim her back to your preferred size. She’ll grow new stems with a fresh collection of flowers in no-time.

How can I make a mixed basket?

Do you want to create a mixed basket with colourful Surfinia’s? Plant multiple varieties of Surfinia’s in the same pot and you are done!

How often does my Surfinia® need deadheading?

Surfinia® is care-free and easy to maintain. She’ll drop her dead flowers all by herself, so deadheading is not a necessity. However, she’ll grow new flowers quicker once dead flowers are removed, so feel free to pick some of the sad flowers she didn’t shed yet.

Does my Surfinia® need fertilizer/flower feed?

When you feed your Surfinia® once a week with liquid fertilizer, she’ll grow swiftly. So, when you purchase your Surfinia® don’t forget to grab some high quality flower food on the way out.

When can I purchase the new early trailing Surfinia®?

Currently the new Surfinia® Trailing Light and Surfinia® Trailing Violet are not available in stores yet.

Do you offer POS material?

Yes! We always love to assist in promoting Surfinia®, and we even offer free POS material. Want to know more? Send us an email at

I want to join in the Surfinia® 30th anniversary campaign, how can I do this?

We are very happy that you are interested in helping with the Surfinia® Revolution! Send us an email at

I want to sell Surfinia® in my store, where can I find a grower that is growing Surfinia®?

Contact us at, let us know which Surfinia® varieties you want to sell and we are happy to help you to get in contact with one of our growers.

What is the growing time of Surfinia®?

Crop time is highly dependent of parameters such as pincing, variety, climate, use of growth regulator, final desired product, etc..

At what temperature should I grow Surfinia®?

A warm day temperature around 20℃ is indicated to grow your Surfinia®. A higher temperature can be applied at early stages to reduce the crop time but can cause too vigorous plants if applied too long. A colder temperature will promote a compact crop but will delay flowering. Colder night temperature is a good compromise between crop time and compactness.

What environment is required to successfully grow Surfinia®?

Flowering will be promoted by light and long days. The more light and the longer the day the better for flowering and growth.

What are the watering requirements for the growth of Surfinia®?

To get a compact and earlier plant it is wise not to water excessively, avoid soil saturation and allow the plants to dry between irrigations. However, Surfinia® can require frequent watering during summer time.

What type of crop protection do I need for Surfinia®?

Surfinia’s are sturdy and strong plants. Occasionally they can be subject to thrips or powdery mildew. In the garden the plants can be attacked by white flies, aphids, leaf miners, mites, snails or slugs.

What do I need regarding potting Surfinia®?

It is important to start with certified clean material from one of the official MNP flowers dealers. Since cuttings can grow fast or flower early, it is recommended to pinch them all while still in the trays. This will allow a better branching and a more homogeneous culture. Surfinia’s are suitable for all kinds of pots from 12cm to hanging baskets. It is recommended to use 3 plugs/pots for hanging baskets. Use a good quality bedding plant mixture that can contain enough moisture and has a good structure. Recommended pH of mixture is around 5,0/5,5. For a harvest in April-May, pot plants can be potted in February-March-April and hanging baskets in January-February-March.

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