Grower Talk

Ivo Putman

After Ice Saints, when all danger of frost has passed, the time has come! It’s time for summer bedding! Summer bloomers such as the Geranium, Mandevilla, Bidens, Erigeron etc. come in many different colors. All joy! But one plant really stands out, Surfinia®!

This plant likes to show itself and wants to prove itself. The fun starts with the purchase, Surfinia’s are available in many colors, something for everyone!

Once in the garden, Surfinia® starts as a modest plant, but … it doesn’t take long! Surfinia® finds its way quickly; grow and bloom! She shows herself and takes her place in the garden. The beautiful flowers, you can’t ignore it. Even insects love this plant. Surfinia® continues to bloom until autumn, she will do her best for you until the last flower. Enjoy the queen of bedding for an entire summer, what more could you want!

Ivo Putman

Presenter & Garden Expert
“De Grote Tuinverbouwing”

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