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Elly van Kampen

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Surfinia® is a garden plant that you can enjoy throughout the garden season. You can plant them after the Ice Saints and with the right minimal care, the plant will flower well into the autumn.

Plant food
Surfinia®, like most garden plants, likes plant food. The plant rewards you with more flowers and thus extends the flowering time. You can choose a liquid plant food, but you have to give this regularly. I prefer an organic ornamental garden fertilizer. You sprinkle this natural product in granular form twice a year (March / April and May / June). You can also sprinkle the granules at Surfinia® in balcony boxes or in hanging baskets. It spreads easily and quickly and works for 3 months.

Quality soil
When using in balcony boxes or hanging baskets, choose a good quality potting soil. A good potting soil does not dry out quickly and provides sufficient water and air in the pot. This is important for the roots.

Open ground
Do you plant Surfinia® in your garden? Make sure you have an airy soil (dig the soil a bit) and give plant food twice a year. Have fun with this beautiful garden plant.

Elly van Kampen

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