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Nomi Hen

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For Cohen Propagation Nurseries, Surfinia® is a very special product that is also related to the history and future of the company. Cohen was the first in the early 1990’s to hold a stock for the first time of Surfinia® cuttings in Israel for the European market.

Over the years production has grown by hundreds of percentage and Surfinia® has become the company’s flagship product.

In the past years supply has also expanded to the North American and local Israeli market. Today, Cohen produces tens of millions of Surfinia® cuttings per season. We also hold very big part of the variety range and work closely with both Suntory and MNP to promote new varieties to the market. Stocks are held in Israel at the highest and most strict standards in the world, including NAKT certification and Global Gap.

Nomi Hen

Cohen Propagation Nurseries (Israel)