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Surfinia® Trailing Light Yellow

Enchanted forest.
This Light Yellow Surfinia® seems to come straight from the enchanted forest.  Her heart shows a bright yellow, which overflows in pastel coloured petals. Her flowers are playful, curly and pop nicely off the green foliage. This Trailing Surfinia® also lasts and blooms earlier than the average Petunia. Ready for some magic?

Surfinia® Trailing Red

Fall in love with romance. We fell hard for this beauty. The Surfinia® Trailing Red is the earliest trailing (red) Petunia on the market. Her striking red colour and beautiful free flowering habit creates a romantic setting, right out of a novel. The best news? It’s a love that lasts! She starts flowering two weeks earlier than the classic trailing types, has superior weather tolerance, a vigorous habit and very good branching power.


Surfinia® Trailing Blue Ocean

Deep in the sea. The deep blue colour of Surfinia® Blue Ocean reminds us of magical beaches and mystical mermaids. The vigorous flowering and good branching of these remarkable flowers will cover your city, garden or balcony in a sea of ocean blue. What more can you wish for? All early trailing varieties have strong outdoor performance and have good immune systems.


Surfinia® Trailing Violet

Long may she reign!
The classic Violet Surfinia® is one of the best selling Petunias worldwide, the queen of all bedding other flowers. No wonder, because she is a real eye-catcher. This year we’re re-introducing this icon, innovated and improved. Meet Surfinia® Trailing Violet 2.0. She’s stronger, bouncier and last longer. A next generation of queens is born.

Surfinia® White Morn

Prince charming.
Prince charming can forget about his white horse. He better brings us Surfinia® White Morn instead. Her pure white cloud of flowers, decorated with subtle green veins give off a modern and cool vibe. This trailing Petunia has quite big flowers as they can grow up to 7 centimeters. She’s an early bloomer and lasts longer than the average Petunia. It results in a floral fairytale.

Surfinia® Coral Morn

This new early flowering variety has coral flowers, has very compact and mounding habit with a height of 20 cm to 30 cm. It trails or spreads around 30 cm to 40 cm so this Surfinia® Coral Morn is ideal for (mixed) hanging baskets and containers.

The Specials collection of Surfinia® is a happy mix of everything. The collection contains all the Surfinia® varieties without a trailing habit. Imagine for example Surfinia®s that are double flowered. Or that lend themselves perfectly as an outstanding table piece. Hence, the colours in this collection are endless From deep red, till bright blue. All with their own unique style.