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Surfinia® Trailing Blue Ocean

Deep in the sea. The deep blue colour of Surfinia® Blue Ocean reminds us of magical beaches and mystical mermaids. The vigorous flowering and good branching of these remarkable flowers will cover your city, garden or balcony in a sea of ocean blue. What more can you wish for? All early trailing varieties have strong outdoor performance and have good immune systems.


Surfinia® Purple

This classic mega bestseller has beautiful purple flowers, it’s fully trailing with a height of 20 cm to 30 cm. It trails or spreads around 30 cm to 40 cm so this Surfinia® Purple is ideal for (mixed) hanging baskets and containers.

The classic trailing Surfinia® collection consist of the beautiful Surfinia® varieties that you have known for the past 30 years. What began as a real breakthrough to breed a perfect trailing Petunia from cuttings, has resulted into worlds No. 1 trailing petunia brand! It is no coincidence that you will find trailing Surfinia®’s wherever you go. With its strong garden performance, spectacular free flowering habit and it’s superior weather tolerance, Surfinia® stands for quality that is still top-of-the-bill.