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Surfinia® Trailing Light Yellow

Enchanted forest.
This Light Yellow Surfinia® seems to come straight from the enchanted forest.  Her heart shows a bright yellow, which overflows in pastel coloured petals. Her flowers are playful, curly and pop nicely off the green foliage. This Trailing Surfinia® also lasts and blooms earlier than the average Petunia. Ready for some magic?

Surfinia® Trailing Red

Fall in love with romance. We fell hard for this beauty. The Surfinia® Trailing Red is the earliest trailing (red) Petunia on the market. Her striking red colour and beautiful free flowering habit creates a romantic setting, right out of a novel. The best news? It’s a love that lasts! She starts flowering two weeks earlier than the classic trailing types, has superior weather tolerance, a vigorous habit and very good branching power.


Surfinia® Trailing Blue Ocean

Deep in the sea. The deep blue colour of Surfinia® Blue Ocean reminds us of magical beaches and mystical mermaids. The vigorous flowering and good branching of these remarkable flowers will cover your city, garden or balcony in a sea of ocean blue. What more can you wish for? All early trailing varieties have strong outdoor performance and have good immune systems.


Surfinia® Trailing Violet

Long may she reign!
The classic Violet Surfinia® is one of the best selling Petunias worldwide, the queen of all bedding other flowers. No wonder, because she is a real eye-catcher. This year we’re re-introducing this icon, innovated and improved. Meet Surfinia® Trailing Violet 2.0. She’s stronger, bouncier and last longer. A next generation of queens is born.